Ductless Training by John

Gunder Associates is now offering half day and full day Ductless heat pump training. Contact John Chavez for details and look out for dates on our EVENTS page.


Installation Class Learning Objective: This four (4) hour install clinic is designed to teach the attendee how to approach the installation of a single& multi zone inverter ductless system. It is a commonly accepted fact that ninety percent of all issues within the first three months are directly caused by inferior installation practices. This clinic discusses candidly on how to install a ductless system with great success resulting in long-term efficient system performance and appreciative return customers.

Review of the installation manuals for single zone and multizone

What tools to bring

Seven steps to installation success

Seven common installation mistakes

Condensate pumps – How to choose the right pump and how to wire up

A review of common start up issues

Tips and Tricks / Do’s and Don’ts

Commissioning and Testing out

Resolving communication issues between the ODU/IDU

Utilizing internet the resources


Service Class Learning Objectives:  This four (4) hour service clinic is designed to teach the attendee how to approach a service call with an inverter ductless system. Participants will improve their familiarity with the system components and troubleshooting procedures as well as their analytical skills, all of which will help resolve issues in a more timely fashion. Through the hands-on portion of the clinic, the participant will be introduced to the components and descriptions, wiring diagrams and receive practical experience.  After the lesson has been completed, the participant will know how to gain access to the blower wheel in two minutes, remove the blower wheel in 5 minutes, remove the fan motor in 10 minutes, and generally have more confidence in servicing an inverter ductless system.

Disassembly of an indoor unit – What tools to bring to the service call – Finding the root cause – Installation related issues

A review of common issues – Example service calls – Tips and Tricks / Do’s and Don’ts

How to use the service manual How to read a wiring diagram

Learn about the components, functions, and behavior of an inverter ductless system

How to interpret error codes and the troubleshooting check tables

Testing motors, compressor, thermistors and expansion valves

Resolving communication issues How to find the correct part numbers – Utilizing the internet resources