Contact Sheet


Below is a list of your sales and support staff. Please feel free to contact anyone on this list to help you find a solution or a new friend. To all manufacturers, your primary contact is Mark Gunder.


Company Management

Marshall Gunder, Founder

Mark Gunder , President


Engineered Product Sales

David Clifton [All Territories]   800.545.8441


Territory Sales Managers

Matt Jones   [Dallas]   214.662.7032

Matt Hoover   [Houston]   214.620.6823

Robert Gunder  [Austin, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley]   210.859.7887

Marty Rusnak  [Houston]  817.673.9350

Freddy Martinez   [West Texas & New Mexico]   806.790.6085

Bryan Moates  [ Oklahoma Arkansas]   918.671.8709

Chris Gazaway  [Arkansas]  469.585.0968

Charles Moates  [Oklahoma]   918.633.5566

Willie Mayes   [Louisiana]   318.613.0009



Jackie Jasper   [Executive Assistant]   800.545.8441

Karen Gast   [Customer Service Manager]   800.545.8441

Deliza Baumbach   [Customer Service, Event Coordinator]   800.545.8441

Tracie Ponthieux  [Customer Service]   800.545.8441


Updated February 21, 2019