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Introducing – KYSEK

Gunder Associates is excited to introduce to you The Ultimate Ice Chest. The KYSEK was developed by a team of outdoors men and women who’ve spent years in the field and who wanted the Ferrari of ice boxes.  Watch this video to learn more about KYSEK.   … read more

New Product Announcement – Friedrich Air Conditioning

PRESS RELEASE April 1, 2014 A New Era Begins   Dallas, Texas, April 20, 2014 – Gunder Associates is proud to announce that as of April 1, 2014, we are now representing  Friedrich Air Conditioning. Founded in 1883 in San Antonio, Texas, Friedrich Air Conditioning is a privately held company that manufactures high quality residential… read more

The “Atherion” is Dedicated Outside Air System

In the state of Texas and East Oklahoma, Gunder & Associates is the manufacturers rep of choice for Modine’s “Atherion” dedicated outside air system. Gunder has the experience and expertise required to promote and support this highly engineered product. Would you like us to visit your office, or maybe you just want a webinar or  lunch and… read more