For more than three decades, Gunder Associates has been a staple in the HVACR industry among distributors, top engineers and contractors, and manufacturers.


1980: Marshall Gunder starts a manufacturers rep business with three lines, Cleclon Flex duct, Baron Wire, and Lenky Grilles.

1983: Hired first territory sales manager, Howard Yantis.  ATCO Rubber Products acquires Cleclon.

1985:  Gunder expands even during a political and economic instability

1988: Charles Moates joins Marshall and Howard which allows further expansion into Oklahoma and Arkansas.

1991: Marshall and team celebrate eleven years and mark the event by hiring Jackie Jasper who joins Marshall to organize the office and keep the accounts.

1993: Gunder Associates welcome a strange new entry into the U.S. HVAC industry, Mitsubishi Electric. By this time GA had built a reputation of getting things done.

1994: Kirby Lykins joins GA to manage the Dallas market. After 2 years, he took over the Houston market.

1996: Adrian Gunder joins the family business to learn the trade and increase visibility in the South Texas market.

1998: Marshall purchases a manufacturer rep business in Mexico and with it, Pete Morales joins the firm. RenewAire finds a home to promote a wonderful product that brings natural fresh air to comfort cooling and heating systems.

1998: Mark Gunder joins the family business to bring representation to the West Texas area. Bryan Moates also joins the team to assist Charles Moates in the growing markets of Oklahoma and Arkansas.

1999: Karen Gast joins GA to provide another layer of customer support. GA had added 15 people between 1996 and 1998.

2000: GA celebrates twenty years of doing business the old fashioned way.

2001: Bill Harris joins GA to manage the territories of San Antonio and Houston.

2002: Moved to current location on Hutton Court.

2004: Mitsubishi Electric offers a new technology called variable refrigerant flow.

2006: GA invests in a dedicated training center for Mitsubishi Electric system and components. The training center marks a true vision of how the HVACR industry would change. The Dallas Training Center is made official by ME and is the first such training center outside of Mitsubishi Electric’s home office in Atlanta.

2007: Robert Gunder joins the family business to manage the South Texas territories.

2008: Biggest year ever despite the beginning of a recession. Renee Cameron joins GA to provide customer service and administrative assistance.

2009: In the middle of  the housing crisis and what would be known as the worst recession since the great depression, Mitsubishi Electric experiences double digit growth.

2010: GA celebrates thirty years of being in business. John Chavez joins the team to provide sales and technical support for our internal staff, distributor partners, and factory representatives.

2011: Matt Hoover joins GA to manage DFW and East Texas.

2012: Willie Mayes and Freddy Martinez joins GA to manage the state of Louisiana and West Texas and New Mexico, respectively. Rachelle Hale joins the office staff to aid in bringing additional customer service and administrative support.

2013: Matt Jones joins GA as a multi-territory operative. In July, GA transforms it’s public image with a new logo and new website.


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updated 07-14-2013